Crucial Conversations- Tools for talking when stakes are high

Book of the MonthCrucial Conversations is a selfhelp book, which was written by a group of 4, Kerry Patterson, Joseph Granny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzer. It was first published in 2002.

The Book deals with common mistakes people make while having important conversation with something at stake or just everyday discussions. The authors point out key mistakes with the help of examples everybody can relate to, and analyze what could’ve been done better. The book deals with problems chronologically, pointing out more obvious mistakes in the beginning, which then are getting less obvious and more tricky to realize the further you get into the book. Throughout the book the authors integrate paragraphs written by other people, who learned from the book, stating how much it helped them to reach their goals by explaining the progress with their personal experiences. Those goals may improve your communication skills, reach your goals and gain support in your point of view.

Why you should read the book

This book might not seem like the most interesting one in the beginning but it surely is after the first few pages. The way the authors deconstruct whole scenes to point out the mistakes and explain how you can do better is extremely helpful, and at least from my point of view a really interesting topic. This book is not abstract like a lot of self-help books are, no, the authors picked perfect examples to relate to, so you really get the point and the maximum learning effect out of it. It also provides pages where you can practice the skills explained by the authors, such as fill in blanks for those conversations. The book is interactive and makes you get interested and motivated, unlike most self-help books. Although it was written for businessmen and women, I think that everybody will be able to understand this book and learn a lot of new things about communicating, a topic we should be more aware of. We have to deal with crucial conversations every day, and instead of shying away from those, we should learn how to properly handle them. I believe that this book is a interesting read while providing you with knowledge about communication skills, you need to succeed at those talks.



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